RPP Branded Services

Celere Talent has developed four different Recruitment Process Partnering models scaled to the needs of clients.

Recruitment Process Partnering

The Celere Talent RPP™ branded services fits well within established recruitment activities. Utilizing four distinct service offerings, clients are able to migrate between delivery solutions that suit their current requirements. RPP services are designed to offer passive and active candidate recruiting with robust reporting functions at a low cost per hire.

RPP Delivery Options

  • projectRPP

    A targeted project-based relationship that spans a specific one-time need

  • departmentRPP

    A departmental-wide recruitment capability

  • solutionRPP

    An annual talent acquisition and employee engagement support model

  • celereRPP

    A broad-scale Recruitment Process Outsourcing relationship

Benefits of RPP™

Distinction between Celere Talent and RPP as compared to traditional talent acquisition models include:

  • Celere Talent is able to integrate with a client’s current Benefits of RPP™: practices, enhancing deficiencies where needed, rather than replace entire recruitment teams.
  • A Celere Talent relationship incorporates traditional retained search capabilities together with comprehensive reporting, analytics and passive candidate database development to support a company’s internal talent acquisition requirements.
  • The key to Celere Talent’s RPP capabilities is having a depth in industry specialization amongst the recruitment team

The Value Celere Brings:

  • Cost

    Typically companies will save between 15% to 35% of total recruitment costs associated with traditional hiring practices

  • Time

    Our focus on recruitment means we strive to meet candidate placement targets of 45 to 60 days , depending on role and responsibility

  • Life Sciences Expertise

    Celere’s dedicated focus in Life Sciences means our recruitment team have built a network of high-caliber talent across R&D, manufacturing, quality systems, commercialization and other functions

  • Scalability

    Our business model allows us to scale to growth needs

Average Time to Fill
Scientific Development

Average Time to Fill
Manufacturing and Engineering

Average Time to Fill
Quality Systems

Dedicated Database

Role of an RPP™ Relationship vs. Traditional Talent Acquisition

Recruitment Process Partnering

What Our Clients Are Saying About RPP™

“I’ve heard hundreds of pitches from recruiting, staffing, talent acquisition, and HR outsourcing firms. This one is different and I get it. I want to thank-you for making it different and I want to thank-you for making it easy for me to sell internally.”

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