Search Methodology Introduction

Celere Talent specializes in assisting Life Science companies with their talent recruitment and retention practices. The company has partnered with pharmaceutical, biotech, and related life science service organizations assisting them with both long‐term recruitment needs as well as project‐based scale up requirements. A focus on Life Science has resulted in the creation and launch of an innovative service offering, allowing four distinct delivery options, with the ability to migrate between options as needs evolve.

We aim to align our approach in a flexible manner, while ensuring your recruitment requirements are met throughout the process.

The following illustrates the key stages we typically follow, and the primary deliverables that Celere will execute against for your recruitment process.

Our Process

  • Confirm the need for new talent due to loss, turnover, expansion, etc
  • Engage the hiring manager to confirm needs
  • Engage and communicate with Human Resources
  • Engage and communicate with Human Resources; confirm approval for head count is in place
  • Finalize Job Description to reflect new role, replacement role, reporting change, etc
  • Confirm candidate selection roles
  • Define the roles ‘selling features’
  • Review Celere recruitment checklist
  • Define timeline for role to be in place
  • Define recruitment path for candidate sourcing
  • Finalize the client / Celere candidate marketing approach
  • Confirm candidate pool
  • Validate candidates against role
  • Screen for capability, salary, timing, relocation, other expectations
  • Confirm credentials against role
  • Validate candidates against hiring manager needs
  • Schedule initial interviews
  • Follow up on hiring manager feedback
  • Review, adjust selection criteria
  • Finalize short-list of candidates based on hiring requirements
  • Second / final round interviews as needed
  • Complete reference checks
  • Negotiate offer details of starting salary, timing, relocation expense, other
  • Confirm start date
  • Confirm 90 day performance criteria
  • Confirm checklist for on-boarding with company
  • Execute Celere “Soft-Landing”
  • Candidate check-in week 1
  • Hiring manager check-in week 1
  • Complete necessary on-boarding confirmation
  • Circulate Celere Satisfaction Survey – Candidate
  • Circulate Celere Satisfaction Survey – Hiring Manager
  • Check in at day 45, day 90
  • Monthly Celere Dashboard review with Human Resources
  • Discuss gaps against expectations, define plan
  • Discuss overall process experience
  • Review optimization improvement efforts needed for subsequent search activities
  • Close File

Performance Indicators

Throughout the recruitment engagement, we apply a series of performance indicators that give our clients clear visibility to the hiring process. This allows both Celere Talent and the clients an opportunity to anticipate any problems and discuss options to address and mitigate.

These metrics will measure the following criteria:

  • 7:1

    Rate of Job Acceptance to Candidates sourced

  • 15:1

    Candidate throughput rates

  • 52 days

    Time to close a position

  • 93%, 91%

    Survey Score from candidate, from hiring manager