Talent Retention Offerings

In addition to a robust approach to ensure your recruitment needs are met, we include proprietary processes throughout our engagements that aim to find strong capable staff and ensure they start with your organization in an engaged and enthusiastic manner. The following illustrates several of those proprietary capabilities that Celere brings to our customers throughout our recruitment outsourcing engagement.

Offerings Description Value Proposition
Celere hiring checklist
  • Streamlined recruitment plan of key recruitment milestones.
  • Checklist verified against company criteria for success and dependencies to get started.
  • Provides consistency in recruitment of roles.
  • Supports speed to outcome.
  • Facilitates discussion with hiring manager and HR.
Celere candidate portal
  • Web-based portal for company branding and candidate posting.
  • Allows hiring manager to review real-time condidate pool.
  • Allows customer to monitor recruitment progress.
  • Ensures consistent process for candidate.
  • Integrate into existing customer portals.
Celere SWIFT™ screening method
  • Sourcing criteria that incorporates technical skills, social media review, cultural fit against job role.
  • Highly technical sourcing and recruiting criteria.
  • Cross-reference against independent sources (social media, news feeds, publications, etc).
  • Candidate survey for culture assessment.
  • Ensures no surprises for candidate – facilitates retention post hire.
Celere soft landing
  • “welcome home” new hire greeting package at employment site.
  • Positive candidate reception.
  • Positive client referral to company.
  • Supports candidate engagement and retention.
Celere Dashboard
  • Summary of recruitments filled post probation period.
  • Accountability checklist of Celere and client.
  • Summary of candidate survey results from recruitment process.
  • Summary of customer survey results.
Celere Survey
  • Questionnaire submitted to hiring manager, candidate.
  • Solicits input on hiring experience.
  • Allows for continuous improvement.
  • Supports recruiter and hiring manager to stay engaged in process.